WZHC stands for Well Zone Holistic Center Services and is a partnership between the client and the practitioner in the healing process appropriately using natural therapies to facilitate the body’s natural healing response.

Well Zone Holistic Center also strives to bring you the best in natural herbs and suppliments through ACA and other affiliates. We stand behind our services and our products and have been helping clients for over 30+ years.

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Disclaimer:   We do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice or prescribe.  Should you require advice for any particular health reason, it is advised that you consult your doctor.

Common conditions we offer nutritional counseling for but are not limited to the following:

Prostate Support
Cholesterol Control
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
High Blood Pressure
Weight Loss
Colon Cleanse
Joint Soreness
Poor Eyesight
Respiratory Congestion
Thyroid Issues