Spices & Seasoning
Conventional grown herbs for spices are grown with toxic pesticides, chemicals, irradiation and genetic modification. Later during the manufacturing process they are given preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors and MSG {monosodium glutamate} which are found to contribute to central nervous system disease and cancer. Here at Anatomy Complete Alternatives we offer only organic or responsibly grown spices (without pesticides or chemicals) and free from any additives during processing in all of our spices and spices blends.

Fabulous Fish Seasoning #SE1016 
4oz. $4.50

Do you like your fish fried, baked or grilled? Next time you have you favorite fish add some Fabulous Fish Spice Blend and make it “fabulous”. 

Ingredients: Oregano, Turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, Black pepper and Red pepper.


Very Veggie Seasoning #SE1017 
4 oz $5.80

Go from bland and tasteless vegetable dishes to dishes that “pop” with flavor with Very Veggie Spice Blends.  

Ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Curry, Parsley, Oregano, Basil, Celery and Black Pepper.

Grove’n Gumbo #SE1018 
4 oz. $3.90

​From the novice to the pro you can make the perfect gumbo that everyone will love with Grove’n Gumbo Spice Blend.

Ingredients: Sassafras, thyme, parsley and green onion​

Cloves #SE1005 
4 oz. $2.80

Cinnamon #SE1004 
4 oz. $3.00

Dill Seed #SE1006 
4 oz. $3.00


Marjoram #SE1008 
4 oz $2.50

Ginger  #SE1007 
4 oz. $3.00


Onion #SE1009 
4 oz. $2.95


Parley Flakes #SE1011 
8 oz. $5.50

Nutmeg #SE1010 
4 oz. $4.25

Sage #SE1012 
4 oz. $3.35


Oregano #SE1014 
4oz. $3.25

Thyme #SE1013 
4 oz $4.00

Rosemary #SE1015 
4 oz. $2.70

Caraway Seed #SE1002 
4 oz. $2.85

Basil Leaf  #SE1001 
4 oz. $3.99


Celery Seed #SE1003 
4 oz. $3.50