Single Herbs (Bulk)

Walnut                                                                    #B201                                                   $8.70
Black Walnut is commonly used for killing and expelling worms and parasites, internal and external.  Used for Herpes and Impetigo. Will strengthen and restore tooth enamel.  
Contains natural fluoride
Calendula                                                               #B202                                                  $8.50
Promotes mending and healing of cuts or wounds when applied as a poultice. Used for many cancers.
Catnip                                                                      #B203                                                   $7.55
Used for fevers, stomach cramps, and aids digestion.  Used for young babies for colic, teething and fevers.
Comfrey                                                                   #B204                                                  $7.55
This herb strengthens every part of the body.  Acts as an infection fighter and blood cleanser.  Helps to repair cuts and broken bones.  Cell proliferate (grows new flesh and bone).
Damiana                                                                #B205                                                    $8.35
Lady’s aphrodisiac.  Used also for sexual impotency and infertility for both men and women.  Assist with menopause and hot flashes.
Fo-Ti                                                                        #B206                                                    $8.10
Tones and cleanses the liver and kidneys.  Good for nocturnal emissions and leucorrhea.
Gota Kola                                                                #B207                                                   $15.20
Gota Kola is known as the “memory” herb.  It stimulates circulation to the brain.  Many
people use it to increase learning ability.

Hops                                                                        #B208                                                    $8.35
Valuable for those with insomnia.  Will produce sleep when nothing else will.  Has been used successfully to decrease the desire for alcohol. Will tone the liver.

Licorice Root                                                          #B209                                                   $8.80

This root works as a mild laxative.  Will strengthen both heart and circulatory system.
Has been used successfully for the throat and injured throat muscles.
Pennyroyal                                                              #B210                                                   $7.89
Helps improve sluggish menstruation.  Used as a poultice on burns.
Red Clover                                                              #B211                                                     $8.35
Aids with muscle atrophy.  Blood purifier that is good for acne and other skin problems.
Relaxes nerves and the entire system.

Slippery Elm                                                          #B212                                                     $8.25
Coats, relaxes, and heals all inflamed tissues including irritated mucous membranes
of the stomach, bowels, and kidney.  Good for ulcers and delicate stomach.

White Oak Bark                                                     #B213                                                   $8.30

Avery strong astringent.  One of the best piles and hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and
loose teeth.  May be used as a douche for vaginal infections.

Yarrow                                                                     #B214                                                     $7.45
Good for childhood diseases including chicken pox and smallpox.  Corrects diarrhea
in infants.  Excellent for fevers, circulation, and tones the liver.

Yellow Dock                                                           #B215                                                      $7.50
Act as a natural iron in the system.  A good blood purifier and body cleanser.  
Helpful for ulcerated eyelids.                                             

Candida Cleanse #D145                                                       

There are many people who suffer from reoccurring yeast infections. This can lead to "yeast fungi" in the blood, which is very difficult to 

I have had great results with my candida cleanse program. It is a 3 week program which includes an easy to follow diet and instructions. You also get a package of all the supplements necessary to complete the cleanse.

Cost:   $65.99