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Citrus & Eucalyptus Deep Cleansing Soap & Face Cream

All I can literally say is "WOW" after I tried this soap for the first time.  My face was severly tender on my cheeks and T-Zone with inflammation everywhere due to a very severe
acne breakout.   The soap was so creamy and made my skin feel soft and silky again.   I immediately felt the cream working deep into the pores of my face as soon as I applied it.   I have never felt a soap or face cream work the way these did.  My face literally cleared up within 24-hrs with no more irritation or inflammation and signifigantly less acne.   I am in love with both products and will be stocking up with some reserves in my pantry as well as purchasing some for my daughter.  This is like holy grail to face blemishes. 

Thank you ACA!!!

Karla Felton
Atlanta, Ga.
High Blood Pressure Formula

"I had suffered with headaches caused by high blood pressure for about 20 years. I started taking the HBP formula and I could really tell the difference. I would take boxes after boxes of BC’s but they never worked. 
The HBP formula really helped. Now I feel 
like a new man."

Grand Prairie, TX.

Immune Assist

I am grateful for Dr. Taylor and the regiment of  Herbs she has advised me of. It has changed my life. They are Amazing!! I have taken the Immune Assist and it has done just what she advised that  the Herb  -  would do!! The allergies that I suffered with has been helped intensely.  AWESOME!! Since I have taken the Herbs they have been miraculous and have changed my life. I want you to know these are my findings and my words!! (DO NOT HESITATE) to go and be in a session with Dr. Taylor and just place the over the counter medicines to the side.....Miracles Do Happen.....

P. Rivers   Snellville, Ga.


“I injured my leg on the job and was in a lot of pain.  I went to the doctor and was told that the pain should lessen in 2 weeks. After using Penetrex on the leg, I noticed right 
away that it was helping with the pain and healing the injury. I was back on my feet within a week".

L. Groves
Arlington, TX.

Various Herbal Formulas

“I am one of Dr. Taylor’s longest standing customers. 
She has been my doctor for over 15 years. I have 
used her products, taken her professional advice and 
received her services with great success. My favorite 
products have been the Allergies, Lean and Trim, 
Hypoglycemies, and Vita Moist Oil Spray. I have also 
enjoyed the Cold and Flu formula as well as 
countless other products over the years.

Often times I am very sensitive to the adverse side effects of 
prescription medications. The herbs and Dr. Taylor’s 
services have provided me with relief without the side 
effects. The products are excellent and the service is 
great. She’s not only a great mom. She’s also a 
wonderful doctor.”

Krystal Taylor
Arlington, TX.

Vita Moist Hair Therapy

“Vita Moist is a good hair conditioner. My hair was 
short and thin. I didn’t know what to do to make it thick 
and long. I consulted Dr. Taylor and she advised me 
about how Vita Moist helps hair to grow and become 
thick. It also controls dry scalp. I love Vita Moist!!! My 
hair is now longer and thicker. I would recommend 
you to use it. Vita Moist really works!"

T. Groves
Arlington, TX.


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