Pet Solutions
*For Dogs Only
Bella’s Ear Drops   #PC605   1 oz. $9.99
Alleviates ear scratching, infection and mites.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Clove, Kelp and Eucalyptus          

Green Manna        #PC607   6 oz. $19.99
Nature’s answer for natural flea and tick care.

Ingredients: Kelp, Green Onion, Chayote. 

Serenity or Dogs Extract          # PC601         $14.24
Hyperactivity in your dog maybe a sign of nervous tension. Serenity For Dogs is safe to use and can help to calm over active nerves. 

Ingredients: Hops, Valerian, Sarsaparilla, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Lobelia, Passion Flower, Wild Yam, Totume, Folate Acid and Vitamin B Complex

Immune Assist For Dogs Extract #PC602    $13.41
Include in immune strengthening herbs in your pet’s diet every day. A strong immune system will keep them to happier and healthier. 

Ingredients: Echinacea, Pau D’ Arco, Parsnip, Eggplant, Vitamin B Complex and Orange Zest.

Super Anti’s for Dogs Extract    #PC603    $16.26
Yeast overgrowth can be a major cause of excessive itching, biting and mucus problems in dogs. This formula will bring it under control in about two weeks when used as directed. 

Pure Blood For Dogs Extract      #PC604  $16.74
Remove toxic waste, chemical and food poisoning from the blood. 
Ingredients: Burdock, Red Clover, Chaparral, Sassafras and Irish Moss.

Doggie Derma    #PC606  4 oz $14.99
Hot spots on your dog can often be identified by rough
patches on the skin, licking, biting and hair loss. Doggie Derma cools, soothes and heals hot spots Great for minor skin irritations too. 
*For Cats & Dogs

Daily EFA’s For Dogs and Cats  #PC608  8 oz. 13.99
Your pet needs EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids every day which are often missing from most dry food formulas. EFA’s supply beneficial fats and oils, which is critical to the coat, skin and overall health of your pet. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic and Rosemary.