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Herbal Teas
Bagged Teas

Chamomile Tea    15 tea bags    Net Wt.  2 oz.    T101    $2.99
Come home to this pleasant- tasting and relaxing tea. Excellent after a hard day at work or play. It is soothing and calming to the nervous system. Can be used to assist with sleeping.

Contains: Chamomile flowers

Digest Aid Tea   15 tea bags    Net Wt.  2 oz.   #T102   $4.99  
This Tea is a pleasant -tasting tea that helps the digestive tract by supplying necessary
enzymes. Peppermint stimulants, Alfalfa tones, and Buckthorn herbs keep the bowels regularwhile improving digestion in general.

Contains: Peppermint, and Alfalfa leaves, with Buckthorn Bark

Green Tea and Mint   15 tea bags     Net Wt.  2 oz.     #T105  $4.99
Great, refreshing tea for hot summer days!  Green tea is a great antioxidant which helps to keep the immune system strong. Peppermint promotes digestive health.

Contains: Green tea and Peppermint leaves 

Mullein Tea   15 tea bags   Net Wt.  2 oz.     #T104      $4.50

Mullein is known for its cleansing properties of the respiratory tract.  This tea provides a convenient and practical way to get the benefits that mullein provides.

Contains: Mullein leaves

Oolong Tea   15 tea bags    Net Wt. 2 oz.    #T107   $3.85
Have you ever wondered how the Chinese women stay so slim?  They drink this old fashioned tea!

contains: Oolong tea leaves

YerbaMate w/Stevia Tea   15 tea bags   Net Wt.  2 oz.  #T103   $4.50

YerbaMate tea is a mild, pleasant tasting tea which stimulants the adrenal glands to produce natural cortisone and adrenalin.  Comes pre-sweetened with Stevia for those with yeast problems.

Contains: YerbaMate leaves

Red Clover Tea   15 tea bags    Net Wt.  2 oz.    #T106    $4.50
Excellent blood cleansing tea. Good for spring cleaning the system to remove toxins.

Contains: Red clover leaves
Loose Teas

All Carried Away Tea    #T108    $4.50
Eliminate toxins the delicious way with All Carried Away Cleansing
Tea. This tea is perfect for a mild spring blood cleanser.

Ingredients: Red Clover, Safflower. Caraway Seed and Almond and Almond flavor