Hand and Body Soaps

Rosewater and Glycerin Moisturizing Soap     8 oz.    #SO301    $4.99
An old fashion favorite that’s sensual to the senses and moisturizing to the touch.

Contains: palm kernel oil, coconut oil,  glycerin, rosewater,sodium hydroxide and natural fragrance
Cucumber and Avocado Moisturizing Soap    8 oz.    #SO302   $4.99    
Treat your skin to a new moisturizing experience like none other. Great for taut and overly dry complexions.

Contains: cucumber extract, avocado extract, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sodium
hydroxide and fragrance
Cool Peppermint Sensitive Skin Soap   8 oz.   #SO303    $4.99
Gentle foam lather cools and soothes sensitive skin.

Contains: coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera and Peppermint oil

Field of Lilacs     8 oz.     #SO310   $4.99
Ladies, here is s great deodorizing soap that is gentle to sensitive skin. The fragrance reminds you of a field of lilacs.                                                                                                                                                            
Contains: sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and essential oil.

Sweet Jasmine Hand and Body Soap     8 oz.       #SO304    $4.99
The delightful smell of Jasmine dominates this hand and body soap for sensational bath or hand use.

Contains: coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, palm kernel oil and essential oil.

Garden Lavender Deodorant Soap  8 oz.     #SO306    $4.99

This natural deodorant soap contains oils that clean and deodorize the skin. It makes you feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

Contains: coconut oil,palm kernel oil, lavender oil and sodium hydroxide.

Rain Forest Deodorant Soap     8 oz.      #SO307     $4.99
Men love this fresh, clean tropic smell. Feel rain forest fresh all day with this deodorant soap.  Natural disinfecting oils cleanse and deodorizes.

Contains:  coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, palm kernel oil,  natural fragrance and essential oils.

Citrus and Eucalyptus Deep Cleansing Soap     4oz.   #SO308   $3.99
Citrus and Eucalyptus deep cleans the skin with extracts and healthy oils. These loosen impurities which get trapped in the pores and removes dull skin cells.  This results in a blemish free, clearer, and brighter skin tone.  Cleanse just once or twice a day for beautiful skin. For best results, use with Citrus and Eucalyptus Light Moisture Cream.

Contains: lemon extract, elecampane extract, aloe vera, safflower oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, glycerin and fragrance in a natural soap base

Gardenia Hand and Body Soap   8 oz.     #SO305      $4.99

This soap reminds you of the smell of Gardenia after the rain. Great for bath or hand use.

Contains: coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, palm kernel oil and essential oil.

Sweet Georgia Pine Deodorant Soap   8 oz.      #SO309     $4.99        
Pine always has a clean, fresh scent that reminds you of the great outdoors.  Sweet Georgia Pine naturally deodorizes for that clean freshness throughout the day.  

Contains:  coconut oil, palm kernel oil, pine and fir oil, sodium hydroxide.