Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Scent and Shine For Kitchen and Bath:  S&S-French Garden                                                       
25 fl. oz.                #CP101C         $6.49
Scent and Shine cleans and disinfects while leaving a fabulous scent behind.  This scratch-free formula safely removes stains on sinks and counter tops.  Dissolves grease, dried on food and glue residue.  You will love all the things this great product can do to make your kitchen and bath shine like new. TIP: Save yourself some steps, get a bottle for the kitchen and the bathroom!!!

Contains: Natural iquid soap, baking soda, vinegar, water, hydroden peroxide, calcium carbonate, and essential oils

Our largest size is now available for purchase. 
Scent and Shine For Kitchen and Bath:  S&S French Garden ( 64 Oz)                                                   ​​
64 fl. oz.                #CP102C         $14.99​​​

Natural Glow Furniture Polish 8oz.   #SP404    $4.95
Now you can have your wood look the way you bought it with Natural Glow from Anatomy Complete. Effectively and easier wipe away dust and leave a beautiful shine with the toxic and drying chemical overload found in commercial furniture sprays. Out last other sprays because it’s concentrated.  Natural Glow cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and leather.  We guarantee you will love it!

Ingredients: Lavender oil, sesame oil, oil soap, glycerin, almond oil, shea olein, hydrogen peroxide, safflower oil