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To Anatomy Complete Alternative Health Care. I thank God for his
Mighty Creative Power that has created these exclusive lines of
herbal formulas and natural products.  Each item is inspired by an
awesome God, who expanded my knowledge of herbs; he makes
known unto me the wonders of His wisdom.  I will forever be his
most grateful and humble handmaiden.  In turn, I offer these great
blessings to you.

Furthermore, I render sincere thanks to each customer for the
opportunity to serve you and for your continual support.

May peace, love and total health be yours,

Dr. Alexis Taylor, N.D.

Our 60 Day Guarantee

Anatomy Complete strives to bring you the best in
natural herbs and products.  However, if for any reason
you are not satisfied, please return the unused portion
along with your sales receipt for a replacement or a full

Please Note:

We do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice
or prescribe.  Should you require advice for any
particular health reason, it is advised that you consult
your doctor.
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